Sr.No Code Title
1 CC/ENG-203 Communication Skills
2 CC/SS-101 Islamic Studies/ Ethics (for Non-Muslims)
3 CC/SS-102 Pakistan Studies
4 CS-101 Programming Fundamentals
5 CS-102 Discrete Structures
6 CS-103 Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies
7 CS-104 Object Oriented Programming
8 CS-105 Digital Logic Design
9 CS-206 Data Structures and Algorithms
10 CS-207 Computer Organisation and Assembly Language
11 CS-208 Database Systems
12 CS-209 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
13 CS-210 Computer Architecture
14 CS-211 Computer Graphics
15 CS-212 Distributed Database Systems
16 CS-313 Artificial Intelligence
17 CS-314 Operating Systems
18 CS-315 Data Communications and Computer Networks
19 CS-316 Software Engineering
20 CS-317 Theory of Automata
21 CS-318 Wireless Networks
22 CS-319 Web Design and Development
23 CS-320 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
24 CS-321 Numerical Computing
25 CS-422 Compiler Construction
26 CS-423 Digital Image Processing
27 CS-424 Human Computer Interaction
28 CS-425 Information Security
29 CS-426 Parallel and Distributed Computing
30 CS-501 Theory of Automata II
31 CS-502 Advanced Analysis of Algorithm
32 CS-503 Advanced Operating Systems
33 CS-504 Advanced Computer Architecture
34 CS-505 Advanced Image Processing
35 CS-506 Advanced Computer Vision
36 CS-507 Machine Learning
37 CS-508 Advanced Computer Networks
38 CS-509 Advanced Network Security
39 CS-510 Wireless and Mobile Computing Networks
40 CS-511 Software Quality Assurance
41 CS-512 Requirement Engineering
42 CS-513 Software Design
43 CS-514 Software Architecture
44 CS-515 Decision Support Technologies
45 CS-516 Internet of Things
46 CS-517 Deep Learning
47 CS-518 Agile Software Development
48 CS-519 Agent Based Modeling
49 CS-520 Complex Networks
50 CS-521 Component Based Software Engineering
51 CS-522 Human Computer Interaction
52 CS-605 Research Methodology
53 CS-701 3D Modeling and Reconstruction
54 CS-702 Image Compression and Rendering
55 CS-703 Pattern Recognition
56 CS-704 Geographical and Satellite Imaging
57 CS-705 Digital Video Processing
58 CS-706 Computer Visualization and Animation
59 CS-707 Game Theory
60 CS-708 Nano Communication Networks
61 CS-709 Optimization Techniques
62 CS-710 Smart Grid
63 CS-711 Data Collection and Analysis Techniques
64 CS-712 Data Warehousing & Data Mining
65 CS-713 Knowledge Management and Information Retrieval (KMIR)
66 CS-714 Advance Requirement Engineering
67 CS-715 Agents based Software Engineering
68 CS-716 Architectures for Software Systems
69 CS-717 Evidence Based Software Engineering
70 CS-718 Service Oriented Computing
71 CS-719 Software Engineering Economics
72 CS-720 Stochastic Processes
73 CS-721 Big Data Analytics
74 EG-101 English Composition and Comprehension
75 EG-102 Technical and Business Writing
76 EG-203 Communication & Presentation Skills
77 EL-101 Basic Electronics
78 MAJ/EC/CS/MATH-202(206) (COMPUTER SCIENCE) Programming Fundamentals
79 MAJ/H.ECO-ID-403 (COMPUTER SCIENCE) Advanced Computer Application for Interior Design
80 MG-401 Financial Accounting
81 MG-402 Human Resource Management
82 MIN/CC/EC/CS-201(101) (COMPUTER SCIENCE) Introduction to Computer(s) [Applications] / Computer Applications
83 MIN/CS-103 (COMPUTER SCIENCE) IT in Business-II
84 MIN/CS-402 (COMPUTER SCIENCE) Electronic Commerce
85 MT-101 Calculus and Analytical Geometry
86 MT-102 Probability and Statistics
87 MT-203 Linear Algebra
88 MT-204 Multivariate Calculus
89 MT-305 Differential Equations
90 PH-101 Applied Physics
91 SS-202 Psychology
92 SS-203 Pakistan Studies
93 SS-304 Social Service
94 SS-404 Foreign Languages (Arabic)
95 SS-405 Professional Practices