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Course Contents

• Information system (Transaction Processing system, Decision support system, Expert system) • What is Internet, internet browsing, • How internet works, Services provided by Internet. • Network backbone, terminologies of internet, assessing the internet, communication on the internet. • Advantages and disadvantages of internet. • Microsoft Internet Explorer. • Component of internet (Home Page, Saving, copying, searching and pasting information from internet). • OSI model • Introduction to HTML, HTML and Browser, tool used to implement HTML code. Web Designing through HTML. • HTML tags, types and Elements. • HTML attributes and structure. • Images, images format, tags and tables. • HTML hyperlinks, tags and Hyperlinks, email links, images map. • Practicing • Frames and froms in HTML • Creating Magazines and Poster Design by using Paint • Website Design through HTML • Practicing of Paint and HTML • Assigning a projects to students, and discussion about final projects

Course Synopsis

This is the extension of previous IT course. This course will connect computer sciences with business. It will develop the know-how of some software used in businesses as Paint, Net for project design, HTML for web designing. lt will also give the brief introduction of online businesses. Main focus of the lab work will be on PAINT.NET and HTML.

Course Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to: • Explain the importance of computers in daily life and business. • Determine the role of internet in improving business operations and what are the technicalities in starting online business • Evaluate appropriate applications for commonly available software used in computer systems Describe and develop information systems. They will be able to automate the offices. • Analyze market opportunities by learning effective use of internet and can use computer technology in making advertisements. • Consider the appropriate use of computers in business within ethical barriers and constraints.


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Book Title : Computer Fundamentals
Author : Peter Norton
Edition :
Publisher :

Book Title : Introduction to Computers
Author : PK Sinha
Edition :
Publisher :

Title : Computers in Every Day Life
Type : Presentation

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Title : Ethical Issue in buisness
Type : Presentation

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Title : history of internet
Type : Curriculum Book

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Title : Information System gfj
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Title : Information System
Type : Presentation

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Title : Introduction to HTML
Type : Presentation

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Title : OSI model
Type : Presentation

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Title : Tools and Terminology Used for Internet
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