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Requirements engineering (RE) plays a fundamental role within the systems development process. The goal of this course is to bring in the concepts, methods and techniques needed in the eliciting, analyzing, documenting, validating, and managing requirements for complex information systems. It explains how requirements engineering fits into a broader systems development process, and provides an understanding of the main challenges in requirements engineering nowadays.

Course Synopsis

The students will learn how to: • Identify stakeholders and their influence on the system requirements. • Specify functional requirements using different modeling methods. • Identify and classify non-functional requirements, influences and constraints. • Negotiate and prioritize requirements. • Validate requirements. • Document and trace requirements using computer-based tools. • Manage changing requirements and establish traceability of changes. • Practice the different roles in the requirement engineering process, by working in groups. • Analyze the practical use of the latest scientific contributions within the RE subject.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to understand • state-of-the-art for research & practice in Requirements Engineering. • Role of RE in software and systems engineering • Current techniques, notations, methods, processes and tools used in RE • Breadth of skills needed for RE, and the many disciplines on which it draws • Contextual factors & practicalities that affect the success of various approaches to RE • Methodological issues for RE research • Current research issues and the direction of the field • Awareness of the literature

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Book Title : Requirements Engineering: Processes and Techniques
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Book Title : The Psychology of Everyday Things
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