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This course focuses on advanced computer architecture design such as deep pipelining, techniques to exploit instruction level parallelism and thread level parallelism, and parallel architectures. Students will acquire the skills of evaluating the performance of alternative design choices in system design.

Course Synopsis

The course provides an introduction to advanced principles and current practices in computer architecture. It covers topics such as parallel processors, pipelined processors, VLIW, superscalar architectures and interconnection networks.

Course Learning Outcomes

• To understand the operation of different computer architectures. • To understand scalability and interconnection network of multiprocessor based computing platforms. • Be able to demonstrate the design and performance of advanced computers.

Course Material

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Book Title : Advanced Computer Architecture: A Design Space Approach
Author : Dezso Sima, Terence Fountain, Peter Kacsuk
Edition :
Publisher : Addison-Wesley Publishers

Book Title : Scalable Parallel Computing Technology, Architecture, Programming
Author : Kai Hwang, Zhiwei Xu
Edition :
Publisher : McGraw-Hill Publishers

Book Title : Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach
Author : John L. Hennessy and David A. Patterson
Edition : Fourth Edition
Publisher : Morgan

Book Title : Modern Processor Design- Fundamentals of Superscalar Processors
Author : John Paul Shen and Mikko H. Lipasti
Edition : Beta Edition
Publisher : McGraw-Hill

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