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This course provides an in depth review of the theoretical and applied topics in network security. Students satisfactorily completing the course will be able to formulate a security model for network environments, and apply cryptography, protocol design, and emergent network security technologies to meet the requirements of that model. Specifically, will study major security protocols and standards, network attacks and defenses, database security, virus, malware, denial of service, firewalls, intrusion detection, and wireless security.

Course Synopsis

This course covers essential concepts of network security, network security primitives, and authentication techniques. This course also focuses on the latest security and privacy issues in networking and computer systems. Finally, this course explores the state-of-art network security and applied cryptography research problems and solutions via literature survey and research projects.

Course Learning Outcomes

Have a knowledge of the types of countermeasures that can be put in place in computer systems, networks, and network infrastructures to identify, reduce or prevent problems caused by network attacks or misuse. Be able to undertake practical work that explores techniques covered in this course and comment on their findings

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Book Title : Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and Practice
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Book Title : Network Security: The Complete Reference
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Book Title : Network Security and Management
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Publisher : PHI Learning Private Limited

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