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Requirements engineering (RE) plays a fundamental role within the systems development process. This course is to bring in the concepts, methods and techniques needed in the eliciting, analyzing, documenting, validating, and managing requirements for information systems. It explains how requirements engineering fits into a broader systems development process, and provides an understanding of the main challenges in requirements engineering nowadays. Requirements engineering has attracted much interest in the research community and is increasingly recognised by practitioners as one of the most important stages in the software development life cycle.

Course Synopsis

To understand Requirements Engineering and its Processes. Learn various selected models, tools, notations and validation techniques for the analysis and specification of system requirements to apply in subsequent projects and work experiences

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will: • Understand basics of requirements engineering and its processes. • Understand the need for requirements for large-scale systems. • Understand the stakeholders involved in requirements engineering, identify stakeholders and their influence on the system requirements. • prepare for, and undertake the requirements elicitation tasks • analyze client needs • create models of requirements using a variety of notations and techniques • Identify and classify functional, non-functional requirements, influences and constraints. • Negotiate and prioritize requirements. • prepare software requirements specifications using an industry standard • Manage changing requirements and establish traceability of changes. • Validate requirements • Understand scenario analysis • Practice the different roles in the requirement engineering process, by working in groups, and • prepare for, and undertake formal specification reviews. This in turn provides requirements knowledge and skills, critical analysis capabilities, problem solving capabilities and effective communication mechanisms. Responsibility and teamwork also play a key part in this course.

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