Sr.No Code Title
1 C/BFA-ID-201 Studio Practice-I (Basic Design Majors) (Practical Studio)
2 C/BFA-ID-202 Computer Aided Design (CAD) (Practical Studio)
3 C/BFA-ID-203 Drawing-II (Practical Studio)
4 C/BFA-ID-204 Material and Construction Technology (Theory)
5 C/BFA-ID-205 History of Architecture and Interior Design -I (Theory)
6 C/BFA-ID-206 Model Making and Architectural Renderings (Practical Studio)
7 C/BFA-ID-208 Survey & Documentation (Electrical, Public Health and HVAC) (Theory)
8 C/BFA-ID-209 Ergonomics and Furniture Design (Theory)
9 C/BFA-ID-210 Colour Theory (Practical Studio)
10 C/BFA-ID-301 Studio Practice-II (Design Majors- Mini Thesis) (Practical Studio)
11 C/BFA-ID-302 Computer Aided Design 3D (CAD), REVIT, Sketch up (Practical Studio)
12 C/BFA-ID-304 Construction Technology (Advance Materials and Structures) & Sustainable Design (Theory)
13 C/BFA-ID-308 History of Architecture and Interior Design -II (Theory)
14 C/BFA-ID-309 Lighting Design (Theory)
15 C/BFA-ID-311 Drawing-III (Practical Studio)
16 C/BFA-ID-312 Furniture Design (Practical Studio)
17 C/BFA-ID-313 Research Methodology
18 C/BFA-ID-401 Studio Practice-III (Design Majors) (Practical Studio)
19 C/BFA-ID-402 Design Research Report (Theory)
20 C/BFA-ID-403 3ds Max Advanced Professional Renderings (Practical Studio)
21 C/BFA-ID-404 Professional Practice (lectures/ seminars) (Theory)
22 FC-BFA- 106 Drafting
23 FC-BFA-103 Sculpture
24 FC/.BFA-107 Art & Aesthetics
25 FC/BFA-102 Drawing-I
26 FC/BFA-108 History of Art
27 FC/BFA;101 Design