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Learn about the intelligent energy grid that supports today's green-energy initiatives. Study real-world value propositions, business perspectives and solution scenarios from business economics and technical practicalities points of view. Discover the evolution of today's power-distribution grid and the potential benefits from dynamically applying intelligence for improved efficiencies. This course lays a solid technical foundation for business professionals and a contemporary overview for technical staff; it is ideal for proposal staff, product developers, system managers and urban planners.

Course Synopsis

This course is a survey course to provide an overview of the smart grid. After successfully completing this course, a student will have gained an understanding of: a. The various aspects of the smart grid, including o Technologies o Components o Architectures o Applications b. How a smart grid can be designed to meet the needs of a utility, including o Meeting a utility’s objectives o Helping to adopt new technologies into the grid o Creating a framework for knowledgeable power engineers to operate the grid more effectively c. The issues and challenges that remain to be solved The course is not designed to teach student how: • To become power engineers • To determine the best ways to manage the grid

Course Learning Outcomes

The learning objectives of this course include understanding the main issues of smart grid development and the critical technologies that underpin such development, their basic principles, physical constraints, and technological potentials, with a hope to facilitate attendees explore research opportunities in this area.

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Book Title : Algorithmic Game Theory
Author : Noam Nisan
Edition :
Publisher : Cambridge University Press

Book Title : A Course in Game Theory
Author : Martin J. Osborne and Ariel Rubinstein
Edition :
Publisher : MIT

Book Title : Publicly available solutions for an introduction to game theory
Author : Martin J. Osborene
Edition :
Publisher :

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