Sr.No Code Title
1 EC/PSY-401 Educational Psychology
2 EC/PSY-402 Political Psychology
3 EC/PSY-402 Educational psychology
4 EC/PSY-403 Human Resource Management
5 EC/PSY-404 Forensic Psychology
6 MAJ/PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology-I
7 MAJ/PSY-102 Introduction to Psychology-II
8 MAJ/PSY-201 Schools of Psychology
9 MAJ/PSY-202 Developmental Psychology
10 MAJ/PSY-203 Personality Theories
11 MAJ/PSY-204 Applied Statistics-I
12 MAJ/PSY-205 Social Psychology
13 MAJ/PSY-301 Psychopathology- I
14 MAJ/PSY-302 Applied Statistics-II
15 MAJ/PSY-303 Psychological Testing-I
16 MAJ/PSY-304 Experimental Psychology
17 MAJ/PSY-305 Psychopathology-II
18 MAJ/PSY-306 Behavioral Neuroscience
19 MAJ/PSY-307 Quantitative Research Methodology
20 MAJ/PSY-308 Psychological Testing-II
21 MAJ/PSY-309 Positive Psychology
22 MAJ/PSY-401 Clinical Psychology
23 MAJ/PSY-402 Cognitive Psychology
24 MAJ/PSY-403 Qualitative Research Methodology
25 MAJ/PSY-404 Counseling Psychology
26 MAJ/PSY-405 Health Psychology
27 MAJ/PSY-406 Internship
28 MINOR/ PSY -201 Psychology of Adjustment
29 MINOR/ PSY -202 Organizational and Social Psychology
30 MINOR/PSY-102 Elements of Psychology-II (Minor Psychology)
31 PHD PSY 1005 Core Course II: Scientific reporting and publication (PhD)
32 PHD PSY 701 Coure Course I: Advance Statistics and Data Analysis (PhD)
33 PHD PSY 702 Area of Specialization I (Applied Psy paper I): Gender Issues, Health Psychology and Geriatrics (PhD
34 PHD PSY 703 Research Readings I: Quantitative and Qualitative Research (PhD)
35 PHD PSY 705 Area of Specialization II (Applied Psy-paper II) Psychometrics: Development, Adaptation and Translat
36 PHD PSY-706 Research Readings II
37 PSY- 507 Counselling in Health Psychology-II (MS)
38 PSY-501 Introduction to Health Psychology –I (MS)
39 PSY-502 Counselling in Health Psychology-I
40 PSY-503 Assessment in Health Psychology (MS)
41 PSY-504 Practicum Material Development (MS)
42 PSY-505 Preventive medicine and Health Education (MS)
43 PSY-506 Introduction to Health Psychology-II (MS)
44 PSY-508 Statistics (MS)
45 PSY-509 Research Methodology (MS)