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develops a sense of understanding among the Students about the various stage of freedom movement of Pakistan before partition and its Political and constitutional development after the independence. The course is designed in such a way to cultivate those issues which have retarded our social and economic progress.

Course Synopsis

• Develop vision of historical perspective, government, politics, contemporary Pakistan, ideological background of Pakistan. • Study the process of governance, national development, issues arising in the modern age and posing challenges to Pakistan.

Course Learning Outcomes

• Students will be able to revise the History of Pakistan and analyze the problems present in the Pakistan and the Position of Pakistan in the World Politics

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Book Title : State & Society in Pakistan
Author : Burki, ShahidJaved
Edition :
Publisher : The Macmillan Press Ltd

Book Title : Issue in Pakistan’s Economy
Author : Issue in Pakistan’s Economy
Edition :
Publisher : Karachi: OxfordUniversity Press

Book Title : Pakistan’s Foreign policy: An Historical analysis
Author : S.M. Burke and LawrenceZiring
Edition :
Publisher : Karachi: OxfordUniversity Press

Book Title : Concise History of Pakistan - (for Pakistan Studies)
Author : Kazmi, M.R.
Edition :
Publisher : Oxford 2010

Book Title : Pakistan Studies for GCU Students,
Author : Rabbani, M. Ikram
Edition :
Publisher : Carvan Book House-Lahore

Book Title : Pakistan Political Roots & Development
Author : Mehmood, Safdar
Edition :
Publisher :

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