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Operating systems are essential to most modern computer systems, from very small computing devices such as embedded systems for cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and mp3 players to larger computers such as personal computers, workstations, clusters, and supercomputers. An operating system has two fundamental tasks: to manage a computer’s resources (i.e., CPU cycles, memory, disk, network interface, etc.) and to provide applications with an abstract interface to these resources so that they are (relatively) easy to use. The objective of this course is to give students knowledge of construction and working of Operating systems, to enable them to understand management and sharing of computer resources, communication and concurrency.

Course Synopsis

To help students gain a general understanding of the principles and concepts governing the functions of operating systems and acquaint students with the layered approach that makes design, implementation and operation of the complex OS possible

Course Learning Outcomes

AT the end of this course students should be • aware of the OS functions and different roles of an Operating System • aware of the basic concepts (such as processes, memory management) relevant to Operating Systems • able to take decisions regarding selecting Operating Systems

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Book Title : Applied Operating Systems Concepts
Author : Silberschatz A., Peterson,
Edition : 7th Edition
Publisher : J.L., & Galvin P.C

Book Title : Modern Operating Systems
Author : Tanenmaum A.S.
Edition : 3rd Edition
Publisher :

Book Title : Operating Systems
Author : William Stallings
Edition : 4th edition
Publisher :

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