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Wireless networks have fundamentally different properties than typical wired networks, including higher error rates, lower bandwidths, transmission characteristics, increased susceptibility to interference and eavesdropping, and higher variability of performance. Similarly, mobile nodes (computers) behave differently and have fundamentally different limitations than stationary nodes. This course will examine the area of mobile and wireless networking, looking at the unique network protocol challenges and opportunities presented by wireless communication and node mobility. This course provides an introduction to various current and next generation wireless networking Technologies, GSM cellular system, Advance and emerging technologies such as 3G.

Course Synopsis

The objective of this course is to give an introduction to the fundamentals of the wireless communications systems, the wireless network architectures, protocols, and applications. Focusing technologies will be digital cellular (GSM/GPRS/EDGE, IS-95, and IMT-2000), wireless broadband communications (wireless local area networks, wireless personal area networks, and fixed/mobile broadband wireless communications). Understand the architecture and applications of current and next generation wireless networks: Cellular, WLANs, networks, mobile ad-hoc networks and intermittently connected mobile networks. This course emphasizes hand on skills to handle networks efficiently & effectively

Course Learning Outcomes

The students will learn how to design and analyze network layer routing protocols, along with key component mechanisms. Also understand LAN and WAN technologies, wireless communications and digital cellular technologies along with the emerging telecommunication techniques.

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