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This course covers mathematical foundations of computer science. An introduction to logic, sets, functions and relations is made. Notion of complexity (time and space) is introduced and its use in the analysis of algorithms is discussed. An introduction is made to the basic Graph and Tree algorithms. Problems are formed mathematically and solved using available tools and techniques.

Course Synopsis

The aim is for students to be able to engage in mathematical brainstorming and discussions by asking questions, making conjectures, and suggesting strategies for solving problems.

Course Learning Outcomes

 View mathematics as an integrated whole rather than as a series of disconnected topics  Relate mathematics procedures to their underlying concepts.  Use models, calculators, and other mathematical tools to demonstrate the connections among various equivalent graphical, concrete, and verbal representations  Explore problems and describe and confirm results using various representations.

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Book Title : Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications
Author : Kenneth H. Rosen
Edition : 6TH edition
Publisher : Mcgraw Hill Book Co

Book Title : Discrete Mathematics
Author : Richard Johnsonbaugh
Edition : 7TH edition
Publisher : Prentice Hall Publishers

Book Title : Discrete Mathematical Structures
Author : Kolman, Busby & Ross
Edition : 4th edition
Publisher : Prentice-Hall Publishers

Book Title : Discrete Mathematics Schaum Series
Author :
Edition :
Publisher :

Book Title : Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics: An Applied Introduction
Author : Ralph P. Grimaldi
Edition :
Publisher : Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., 1985.

Title : Lecture 1 to 32 (youtube links), Recommended book and home work
Type : Assignment

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