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Software architecture represents the gross-level structure of software intensive systems and includes the early design decisions that impact the quality of the overall system. Software architecture is generally considered to play a fundamental role in coping with the inherent difficulties of the development of large-scale and complex software systems. A common assumption is that architecture design can support the required software system qualities such as robustness, adaptability, reusability and maintainability. This course teaches the basic concepts, methods and techniques for designing software architectures.

Course Synopsis

Concepts and methodologies for the systematic analysis, development, evolution, and reuse of software architectural design. Common software architectural styles, elements and connectors. Decomposition and composition of software functionality. Non-functional requirements as criteria for analyzing trade-offs and selecting among architectural design alternatives. State of the practice and art.

Course Learning Outcomes

Architectures for Software Systems aims to teach students how to design, understand, and evaluate systems at an architectural level of abstraction. By the end of the course students will be able to: • Understand the influence of architectural drivers on software structures. • Understand the technical, organizational, and business role of software • architecture. • Identify key architectural structures (styles, patterns, tactics, etc.). • Understand the principles of good architectural documentation and presentation. • Understand the impact that COTS has on architectural designs. • Generate architectural alternatives in a given context and choose among them. • Understand how formal notations can be used to specify architectures. • Evaluate the fitness of an architectural design in meeting a set of system requirements and balancing quality tradeoffs. • Be aware of the future trends in software architecture.

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Book Title : Software Architecture: Perspectives on an Emerging Discipline
Author : Mary Shaw and David Garlan
Edition :
Publisher : Prentice Hall

Book Title : Software Architecture in Practice
Author : Len Bass, Paul Clements, and Rick Kazman
Edition : Second Edition
Publisher : Addison-Wesley

Book Title : Documenting Software Architectures: Views and Beyond
Author : Clements, et al
Edition : Second Edition
Publisher : Addison-Wesley

Book Title : Architecting Software Intensive Systems: A Practitioner’s Guide
Author : Anthony J. Lattanze
Edition :
Publisher : Taylor and Francis/Auerbach

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