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Course Contents

The course focuses on principles and methods that aid software designer, developer or architect to gain increased confidence in the architectural design. This includes architectural patterns, qualitative assessment e.g., ATAM and quantitative assessment of architectures (such as AADL and MARTE Finally, the course will address the specific challenges related to scale, dynamics, and heterogeneity as found in system of systems, and ultra-large scale systems.

Course Synopsis

To enable students to understand the challenges of software architecture design and the issues associated with large-scale software architectures

Course Learning Outcomes

• Understand dynamic of software architecture • Understand the difference between software architecture and design phases • describe/state the characteristics and challenges of architecting system-of-systems and ultra-large-scale systems • Distinguish between software architecture, enterprise architecture, system architecture, and run-time architectures. • knowledge of available tools for supporting architecture modelling and analysis • explain the role of architecture as a central artefact in system development • describe inter-dependencies among quality-attributes • assess an architecture quantitatively and qualitatively • identify critical aspects of an architecture that requires, or benefits, to be modeled, verified and validated • trade-off architectural decisions and quality attributes

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Book Title : Software Architecture in Practice
Author : Bass, L., Clements, P. and Kazman, R.
Edition :
Publisher : Addison-Wesley

Book Title : Software Product Lines: Practices and Patterns
Author : P. Clements and L. Northrup
Edition :
Publisher : Addison-Wesley

Book Title : Software Architecture : Foundations, Theory, and Practice
Author : R. Taylor, N. Medvidović and E.M. Dashofy
Edition :
Publisher : John Wiley

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