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Course Contents

Enable the students to gain a better understanding of the field of Psychology To become familiar with the research methodology commonly used by psychologists. To acquaint students with biological basis of behavior To develop an understanding of psychological processes like perception, learning, emotions, motivation, memory and thinking

Course Synopsis

Introduction to Psychology and its various concepts like Perception, Learning, Motives, Emotions, Memory, and Thinking

Course Learning Outcomes

Better understanding of human behavior in social settings

Thinking: Definition and nature of thinking

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Thinking: Tools of thinking

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Book Title : Psychological Processes
Author : Prof.Zareen Bukhari
Edition :
Publisher :

Book Title : Textbook of Psychology
Author : SheherBano
Edition :
Publisher :

Book Title : Understanding Psychology
Author : Feldman, R. S.
Edition : 10th ed
Publisher : New York:McGraw-Hill

Book Title : Psychology
Author : Myers, D. G.
Edition : 3rd ed.
Publisher : New York: Wadsworth Publishers

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