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The following are the primary objectives for this course: • To learn the fundamental concepts of linear algebra in the concrete setting of Rn • To learn to use linear algebra to solve problems from engineering and other fields • To learn to use computer software to apply the techniques of linear algebra • To communicate, both orally and in writing, the theoretical concepts and scientific applications

Course Synopsis

The course deals with elementary linear algebra and its applications. This includes: systems of linear equations and matrices, determinants, vector spaces, inner-product spaces, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, diagonalization, linear transformations, and applications.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to : • Effectively express concepts of linear algebra in written form; • Demonstrate ability to think critically about vector spaces and linear transformations; Locate and use information to solve problems of linear transformations and vector spaces

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Book Title : Linear Algebra& Its Applications
Author : Bernard Kolman
Edition :
Publisher :

Book Title : Linear Algebra
Author : Lipschutz& Marc
Edition :
Publisher :

Book Title : Linear Algebra
Author : Hoffman & Kunge
Edition :
Publisher :

Book Title : Strang's Linear Algebra And Its Applications
Author : Gilbert Strang, Strang, Brett Coonley, Andy Bulman-Fleming, Andrew Bulman-Fleming
Edition : 4th edition
Publisher : Brooks/Cole, 2005

Book Title : Elementary Linear Algebra: Applications
Author : Howard Anton, Chris Rorres
Edition : 9th edition
Publisher : Wiley,

Book Title : Linear Algebra and Its Applications
Author : David C. Lay
Edition : 2nd edition
Publisher : Addison-Wesley

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