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In today's world, we encounter a greater variety of perspectives, cultures and communities than ever before. This is partly the result of globalization, through which people and countries have become increasingly connected culturally, politically and economically. The Social Service course is designed to enable the sharing of ideas, support, information and advice from start to finish. Throughout the course of the programme students will learn different aspects of getting a project up and running.

Course Synopsis

The Social service course envisages a world in which increasing connections lead to positive outcomes. A world where people feel empowered to engage peaceably and effectively with others in the sustainable development of their communities.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be facilitated to: • Develop a strong sense of their own culture and identity. • Know and understand their local community. • Demonstrate that they have local social responsibility. • Build trust and understanding • Develop skills and deliver projects on urgent themes such as poverty, literacy, democracy and climate change, and connecting local and international agendas through the programme. • Polish project planning, leadership and management skills. • Gain responsibility towards sustainable development. • Value for, and works effectively with, difference.

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