Sr.No Code Title
1 EC/H.ECO-401 Family Dynamics
2 EC/H.ECO-405 Counseling and Guidance
3 EC/H.ECO-410 Designing Functional Spaces for Special Needs
4 EC/H.ECO-412 Economic, social and psychological aspects of clothing and textiles
6 EC/H.ECO-FN-403 Sports Nutrition
7 EC/H.ECO-FN-404 Food Allergies
8 EC/H.ECO-HD-403 Psychological Testing
9 EC/H.ECO-HD-404 Daycare Management And Administration
10 EC/H.ECO-ID-403 Interior Design Professional Practice Management
11 EC/H.ECO-ID-404 Consumer and Marketing Strategies
12 EC/H.ECO-TC-403 Textiles Marketing and Merchandising
13 EC/H.ECO-TC-404 Fashion and Boutique Management
14 GC/BCHEM-201 Biochemistry
15 GC/CHEM-101 Chemistry
16 GC/ECON-202 Fundamentals of Economics
17 GC/PHY-103 Physics
18 GC/PSY-104 Psychology
19 GC/SOCIO-203 Sociology
20 MAJ /H.ECO-302 Methods of Research in Home Economics
21 MAJ/H.ECO-101 Introduction to Home Economics
22 MAJ/H.ECO-102 Introduction to Art and Design I
23 MAJ/H.ECO-103 Clothing and Consumer Education
24 MAJ/H.ECO-104 Introduction to Art and Design-2
25 MAJ/H.ECO-201 Life Span Development
26 MAJ/H.ECO-202 Home Management and Housing I
27 MAJ/H.ECO-203 Fundamentals of Food and Nutrition
28 MAJ/H.ECO-204 Family & Community Development
29 MAJ/H.ECO-205 Home Management and Housing II
30 MAJ/H.ECO-206 Meal Management
31 MAJ/H.ECO-301 Home Economics Education, Administration and Supervision
32 MAJ/H.ECO-FN-301 Food Preservation
33 MAJ/H.ECO-FN-302 Experimental Foods
34 MAJ/H.ECO-FN-303 Advanced Nutrition
35 MAJ/H.ECO-FN-304 Dietetics
36 MAJ/H.ECO-FN-305 Physiological Aspects of Nutrition
37 MAJ/H.ECO-FN-306 Nutritional Biochemistry1
38 MAJ/H.ECO-FN-307 Food Microbiology
39 MAJ/H.ECO-FN-308 Community Nutrition
40 MAJ/H.ECO-FN-401 Nutritional Biochemistry II
41 MAJ/H.ECO-FN-403 Applied Nutrition
42 MAJ/H.ECO-FN-404 Nutrition, Health & Prevention
43 MAJ/H.ECO-HD-305 Positive Psychology
44 MAJ/H.ECO-HD-306 Early Child hood Care and Guidance
45 MAJ/H.ECO-HD-307 Theories of Human Development
46 MAJ/H.ECO-HD-308 Communication in Human and Family Relations
47 MAJ/H.ECO-HD-401 Abnormal Psychology
48 MAJ/H.ECO-HD-402 Elementary Education and Administration
49 MAJ/H.ECO-HD-403 Educational Psychology and Measurement Technique
50 MAJ/H.ECO-HD-404 Planning and managing human services program
51 MAJ/H.ECO-ID-305 Environmental Aesthetics
52 MAJ/H.ECO-ID-306 Fundamentals of Interior Architecture II
53 MAJ/H.ECO-ID-307 Interior Design Application (Perspective Drawing)
54 MAJ/H.ECO-ID-308 Interior Environment (Physical Aspect)
55 MAJ/H.ECO-ID-401 Interior Space Planning II
56 MAJ/H.ECO-ID-402 Interior Design Project I
57 MAJ/H.ECO-ID-403 Advanced Computer Application for Interior Design
58 MAJ/H.ECO-ID-404 Interior Design ProjectII
59 MAJ/H.ECO-TC-301 Advanced Textiles
60 MAJ/H.ECO-TC-305 Textiles Computer-aided Design
61 MAJ/H.ECO-TC-308 Textile Dyeing and Printing
62 MAJ/H.ECO/FN-402 Food Technology
63 MAJ/H.ECO/TC-105 Advanced Clothing
64 MAJ/H.ECO/TC-302 Pattern Making
65 MAJ/H.ECO/TC-303 Fashion designing and illustrations
66 MAJ/H.ECO/TC-304 Textile Chemistry I
67 MAJ/H.ECO/TC-306 Textile Chemistry ll
68 MAJ/H.ECO/TC-307 Textile Testing
69 MAJ/H.ECO/TC-401 Art of Draping
70 MAJ/H.ECO/TC-402 Experimental Textiles
71 MAJ/H.ECO/TC-403 Applied Textile Designing
72 MAJ/H.ECO/TC-404 Dress Designing Through Draping