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Course Contents

Introduce the students to accounting fundamentals with a view to understand the technicalities of the accounting cycle.

Course Synopsis

The central focus of accounting is to explain how financial information is accumulated and reported in periodic financial statements and use of accounting information effectively.

Course Learning Outcomes

• Prepare a trading, profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow report for sole traders and partnerships after taking into account a normal range of adjustments to the trial balance necessary for such preparation. • Recognize and apply appropriate accounting conventions to a range of transactions within the context of the accounting regulatory requirements. • Understand and describe the appropriate books of account for different types of accounting transactions and be able to prepare a trial balance from these books of account. To prepare journal entries and deal with the treatment of work sheet items.

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Book Title : Accounting the Basis for Business Decisions
Author : Meigs, Williams Haka & Bettner
Edition : 11th edition
Publisher :

Book Title : Accounting an intuitive approach
Author : M. Arif & Sohail Afzal
Edition :
Publisher :

Book Title : Principles of Accounting
Author : M.A Ghani
Edition :
Publisher :

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