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Course Contents

• Introduction to Research • Characteristics of Research • Characteristics of the Researcher • Types of Research: Basic, Applied, Developmental • Classification of Research: Library, Field, Lab • Components of the research process • Types of Research Methodology: Qualitative, Quantitative, Correlation/Regression Analysis, Experimental, Meta-Analysis etc. • Introduction to Chicago Manual Style and report writing • Writing End Notes, Foot notes and Bibliography • Writing Edition, Volume, page number and Chapter in Notes and Bibliography • Writing Website in Notes and Bibliography • Giving Citations for a Visual Reference, Illustrations and Photographs used in writing Thesis

Course Synopsis

Basically, research methodology is an in depth study of a particular situation rather than a sweeping statistical survey. It is a method used to narrow down a very broad field of research into one easily researchable topic. Research is undertaken in most of the professions. It is a way of thinking, examining carefully the various aspects of your day to day professional work. In addition, unlike a scientific study that deals with facts, a case study is based on opinion and is very much designed to provoke reasoned debate.

Course Learning Outcomes

The students will be able to know about the research process, types of research, Steps in planning research study and Steps in conducting a research study. They will also know about the case study research design and its Subject and relevance, identifying variables, construction hypothesis, formulating a research problem, selecting methods of data collection, processing and displaying data. They will also get knowledge about the research proposal writing which will help them in writing their synopsis in their final year. The final outcome of the subject will, how to conduct the surveys and how to analyse the results followed by the report writing, its methodology, and the citation methods

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Book Title : RESEARCH METHODOLOGY a step-by-step guide for beginners
Author : Ranjit Kumar
Edition : 3rd Edition
Publisher : SAGE Publications
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Book Title : Research Design
Author : John W. Cresell
Edition : 3rd Edition
Publisher : Sage Publications
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Book Title : Research Methodology: Methods and Techniques
Author : C.R. Kothari
Edition : 2nd edition
Publisher : New age International
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Title : Essentials of Research Design and Methodology
Type : Reference Book

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Title : Case Study Research: Design and Methods
Type : Reference Book

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