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Course Contents

Introduction, Orientation and Basic Concepts of Surveying, Site Analysis with respect to the Orientation, Existing Vegetation, Natural Features and Climate under the surveying. Introduction, Usage and Sources of Electricity, Introduction and Usage of Public Health Services, Water Supply Sources and Sewerage systems, Introduction and Basic Concepts, Design Process, Basic Design of Air and Water System and Commissioning process of HVAC.

Course Synopsis

To make students aware of site surveying methodologies and existing buildings/structures methods. Site surveying will also include the site analysis of the gray structures of the building with respect to orientation of sun and surroundings including the wind direction.This is also important in terms of building relation towards sites, also understanding the basic functions working together to form a livable environment according to modern day living/necessities. These functions mainly include electrical and public health (water supply and sewerage) and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System)

Course Learning Outcomes

The Students will learn how the external façade of the building is important for the interiors. And how they can minimize the openings in a buildings under the site analysis. They will come to know about the basic documentation of a building which will help them to design the interiors accordingly. All these studies will help students to apply the basic knowledge in their practical field. This will also focus on developing the student‘s understanding of HVAC design role in extended form i‐e in Commercial and Public buildings. As the advancement made in these fields is phenomenal so to understand new ideas and technology becomes a necessity to come up with good and comprehensive solutions.

How HVAC works

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HVAC basic terms

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HVAC Processes

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types of sewer systems

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designing and conducting surveys

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survey Methodology

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survey methoda

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heating, cooling and lighting sustainability

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Book Title : water supply and sewerage
Author : E.W. Steel & Terence. J McGhee
Edition : 5th edition
Publisher : Mc-Grill Kogakusha-Ltd
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Book Title : Air Conditioning Principles and systems
Author : Edward.G. Pita
Edition : 4th edition
Publisher : Prentice Hall
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Title : smart building system
Type : Reference Book

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Title : water supply system
Type : Reference Book

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Title : manual for HVAC
Type : Reference Book

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