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Course Contents

Meaning and Definition of social change, Various dimensions of social change, Magnitude, rate and direction of social change, Factors affecting social change, Theories of social change. Analysis of social change, Types of social change, Dynamics of social change: dynamics of social change in Pakistan. Implications of development, Rural and urban sections of economic development, Sustainable development, Problems in development, Availability of physical resources, Non-availability of technical know-how, Availability of appropriate human resources, Socio-cultural constraints of development, Social implications of development.Trends and prospects of social change in the Third World. Development continuum-under-development. Analysis of economic development in modern and modernizing countries. Sociology of economic development, Development-nature and scope, Sociological and economic concepts of development, , Social and economic development, Instruments, Approaches to development,

Course Synopsis

The course highlights the basic concepts, causes, resistance to social change and transformation. The Evolutionary, cyclic and conflict theoretical approaches and models of social change will be discussed. It also focuses on the relationship of change with respect to socio-economic and political aspects of development.

Course Learning Outcomes

• Command on different concepts of social change/ transformation and its causes • Understanding and interpretation of different theoretical approaches towards social change • Students will be able to describe the knowledge of social change and its relationship with development under the light of existing theories.

Theories of change and Development

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Socio Economic Development

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Economic Growth and Development

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Economic Development( Concepts and Issues)

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Book Title : Economic Development
Author : E. Wayne Nafziger
Edition : 4th
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
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Book Title : The Palgrave Handbook of International Development
Author : Jean Grugel Daniel Hammett
Edition : 1
Publisher : Palgrave Macmillan UK
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Title : Presentation on Development
Type : Reference Book

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Title : Social and Economic Development
Type : Reference Book

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Title : Analysis of Development in modern and modernizing countries( Pg1-9)
Type : Reference Book

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Title : Soicio-Economic Development
Type : Reference Book

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Title : Approaches To Development (1-10)
Type : Reference Book

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