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Introduction to environmental biotechnology; fundamentals of biological interventions; genetic manipulation strategies in environmental biotechnology; pollution indicators and pollution control strategies; bioreactors; domestic waste water treatment; industrial effluent treatment; sludge treatment; contaminated land and bioremediation; phytoremediation; landfills and composts; concept of integrated environmental biotechnology; biodegradation and biotransformation of hazardous chemicals; products of environmental biotechnology. PRACTICALS Biodegradation of environmental pollutants by microorganisms; bacteriology of drinking water; microscopic studies of water specimens collected from various locations; field survey of polluted areas and field study for pollution indicators (e.g., plants, microorganisms and air).

Course Synopsis

To acquaint students with conservation and reclamation of environment through biotechnology

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be understanding the fundamental concepts and theoretical background of environmental science as it involves the study of environmental problems and the application of biotechnology to address current, local and global environmental issues.

introduction to Env. Biotech

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Sludge treatments and disposal

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Bio-indicators of pollution

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Book Title : Biotechnology
Author : John E. Smith
Edition : 4th
Publisher : Cambridge

Book Title : Environmental Biotechnology: Achievements, Opportunities andChallanges
Author : Maria Gavrilescu
Edition : 1st
Publisher : Global Science Book

Book Title : Environmental Biotechnology: Theory and Applications
Author : Gareth M. Evans, and Judith C. Furlong
Edition : 4th
Publisher : John wilay and sons, LTD

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