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Introduction; bio-computing; biological databases - types and retrieval of nucleic acid (or genomic) or protein sequence information; sequence alignment - pairwise, multiple; phylogenetics; in silico identification of protein motifs and domains; structural bioinformatics of proteins and RNAs including protein modeling and prediction of their interactions with other proteins and small molecules; identification of genes and promoter regions within genomes; networks; strategies for whole genome sequencing and assembly

Course Synopsis

the course focus on using bioinformatic tools for biological data mining from online databases.

Course Learning Outcomes

To familiarize students with biological data mining from online databases and the use of various bioinformatics tools for extracting and processing biological data.

introduction of bioinformatics

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Databases and its types

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major databases and its types

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Sequence retrieval and alignment by NCBI database

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UCSC Human genome database (Sequence retrieval and alignment)

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Primer designing with primer 3 software

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Book Title : Bioinformatics A modern Approaches
Author : Vittal R. Srinivas
Edition : Third
Publisher : PHI Learning Private Limited New Delhi India

Book Title : Basic Bioinformatics
Author : Manju Bansal
Edition :
Publisher : Atlantic Publisher and Distributions (P) LTD

Title : BLAST and its types
Type : Presentation

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Title : Phylogeny
Type : Presentation

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Title : 3D protein software
Type : Presentation

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