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Unit 01: Introduction to Curriculum 1.1 Concept of Curriculum 1.2 Various Forms of Curriculum 1.3 Need for Changing the Curriculum 1.4 Principles of Curriculum Development 1.5 Steps in Curriculum Development 1.5.1 Formulating Objectives 1.5.2 Selecting Curriculum Content 1.5.3 Organizing Content 1.5.4 Preparing instructional materials 1.5.5 Evaluating Curriculum Unit 02: Foundations of Curriculum 2.1 Philosophical Foundations 2.2 Psychological Foundations 2.3 Sociological Foundations Unit 03: Curriculum and Instructional Objectives 3.1 Distinction between Aims, Goals & Objectives 3.2 Taxonomies of Educational Objectives 3.2.1 Bloom Taxonomy 3.2.2 Solo Taxonomy Unit 04: Models of Curriculum 4.1 Tyler Model 4.2 Wheeler Model 4.3 Dynamic Model 4.4 Hilda Taba’s Model 4.5 Need Assessment Model Unit 05: Design of Curriculum 5.1 Subject based Curriculum 5.2 Activity base Curriculum Unit 06: Process of Curriculum Development in Pakistan 6.1 Curriculum Development at Elementary and Secondary Level 6.2 Role of Teacher in Curriculum Development Process at Various Levels 6.3 Challenges and Issues to Curriculum Implementation Unit 07 Curriculum Change 7.1 Approaches of Curriculum Change 7.2 Process of Curriculum Change 7.3 Various Issues in Curriculum Change

Course Synopsis

This course deals with the concepts of Curriculum Development. It explains different model and designs of Curriculum Development. It also deals with the Curriculum Development process and approaches of curriculum change.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, the students will be able to: • understand the concepts of curriculum • examine the components of curriculum development • differentiate between different types of curriculum • explain different approaches of curriculum change

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