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THEORY 1. Environment; Introduction and definitions. Environmental systems; Atmosphere, Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere, Origin and their interrelationships. 2. Environmental factors; Physical, chemical and biological factors. 3. Variety of life and environment (brief account). 4. Environment and human interactions. Environmental pollution; types, sources, causes and effects (brief overview). 5. Environmental issues and challenges; Deforestation, water logging, salinity, drought and desertification, Loss of natural habitat, Depletion of resources, Population and genetic diversity. 6. Environment and sustainable development. 7. Issues of social environment; Population growth, urbanization, migration, and poverty, Lifestyle and environment. PRACTICALS 1. Study of environment in the university campus. 2. Adaptation of animals to various environmental conditions: i) Aquatic ii) Terrestrial iii) Arboreal iv) Fossoreal v) Cursoreal vi) Parasitic 3. Adaptation of plants to various environmental conditions (i) Xerophytic ( ii) Mesophytic ( iii) Hydrophytic 4. To determine (i) brightness of light by using LUX meter ( ii) Intensity of light by using Pyronometer 5. Study of various soil profiles and determination of their moisture contents. 6. Determination of speed of air at different time intervals by using anemometer. 7. Analyzing the quality of different water samples by physical and chemical tests. 8. Study of various types of rocks and fossils. 9. To determine the amount of rain fall in different times by using simple rain gauge. 10. Visit to meteorological department and report writing.

Course Learning Outcomes

It will enable students to understand interrelationship between various components of the environment. It includes basic concepts of matter, energy, birth of universe, solar system and origin of earth,. Environmental geology and environment and life and human activity are considered for understanding of environment and its trans disciplinary integration. Introduction to geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and ecosystem provides foundations for the advance courses required for the degree programme.

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Book Title : 1. Environmental Science
Author : Botkin, D. and Keller,
Edition : 1st
Publisher : E. John Wiley and Sons Inc. New York, USA.

Title : biogeochemical cycles
Type : Other

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Title : The Global Human Population Explosion
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