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Unit 1A Raisin in the Sun-By Loraine Hansbury 1.1. Historical Background of the Text 1.2. Characters 1.3. Analysis of the text Unit 2Their Eyes Were Watching God-By Zora Neil Hurston 2.1. Historical Background of the Text 2.2. Characters 2.3. Analysis of the text Unit 3 the Famished Road-Novel by Ben Okri 3.1. Historical Importance of the Text 3.2. Cultural background 3.3. Characters Unit 4 the Joys of Motherhood-By BuchiEmecheta 4.1. Introduction to the Text 4.2. Characters 4.3. Significance of the Title Unit 5Funny House ofa Negro-By Adrienne Kennedy Introduction Importance of Textual references Historical background Characters

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to read short stories with an average speed.  To comment on and analyze literary excerpts.  Identify the main characteristics of different genres of literature.  Write a summary of at least 100 words of any literary works.

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Book Title : The Pursuit of Signs
Author : Culler, J.
Edition : 10th Edition
Publisher : London: Routledge. (For Reader-oriented Theory)

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