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1 DO Boyd, C. E. (2010). Dissolved-oxygen concentrations in pond aquaculture. Ratio, 2, 42. 2 Temperature Abbink, W., Garcia, A. B., Roques, J. A., Partridge, G. J., Kloet, K., & Schneider, O. (2012). The effect of temperature and pH on the growth and physiological response of juvenile yellowtail kingfish Seriola lalandi in recirculating aquaculture systems. Aquaculture, 330, 130-135. Lamoureux, J., Tiersch, T. R., & Hall, S. G. (2006). Pond heat and temperature regulation (PHATR): Modeling temperature and energy balances in earthen outdoor aquaculture ponds. Aquacultural engineering, 34(2), 103-116. 3 Alkalinity Boyd, C. E., Tucker, C. S., & Somridhivej, B. (2016). Alkalinity and hardness: critical but elusive concepts in aquaculture. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society, 47(1), 6-41. 4 Ammonia Rogers, G. L., & Klemetson, S. L. (1985). Ammonia removal in selected aquaculture water reuse biofilters. Aquacultural engineering, 4(2), 135-154. Zhou, L., & Boyd, C. E. Ammonia Nitrogen Management. 5 Nitrate Svobodova, Z., Machova, J., Poleszczuk, G., Hůda, J., Hamáčková, J., & Kroupova, H. (2005). Nitrite poisoning of fish in aquaculture facilities with water-recirculating systems. Acta Veterinaria Brno, 74(1), 129-137. Grommen, R., Van Hauteghem, I., Van Wambeke, M., & Verstraete, W. (2002). An improved nitrifying enrichment to remove ammonium and nitrite from freshwater aquaria systems. Aquaculture, 211(1-4), 115-124. 6 Ph Wurts, W. A., & Durborow, R. M. (1992). Interactions of pH, carbon dioxide, alkalinity and hardness in fish ponds. 7 Hardness Lazur, A. (2007). Growout pond and water quality management. JIFSAN (Joint Institute for Safety and applied Nutrition) Good Aquacultural Practices Program, University of Maryland.

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Understanding, evaluating reading and writing skills of students.

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Learn reserach reading and quantitative research writing.

Improve research writing

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Book Title : Writing a Research Paper
Author : Edward J. Shewan
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Publisher : Christian Liberty Press
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