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Course Contents

Definition, Concepts and Importance of gender, Women’s lives and Sociological Perspectives, Feminism and Masculism, Gender and Social Institutions, Gender and Socialization, Agencies of Socialization, Learning Process: Identification Theory, Social Learning Theory, Cognitive Development Theory, Gender Issues in Pakistan, Higher education and Gender, Women and Health, Violence against women, Gender and Media, Gender and Environment, Gender and Inequality, Property Rights, Employment, Politics, Women and Law in Pakistan, Women, and Development, Women’s Day, Women’s and Multimedia, Women and Rural Development, The Administrative Wing, Nikahanama, Changing Role of Women, Changing role of urban women, Changing role of Rural women.

Course Synopsis

This course aims at providing basic concepts about gender. The historical movements and feminist perspectives about gender shall be given. The course will provide understanding about globalization and its role towards changing gender relation in various societies around the world. Special emphasis shall be given to Muslim and Pakistani societies. Specific areas of gender discrimination (both for men and women) will also be learnt.

Course Learning Outcomes

• A student after reading this course must grip the knowledge in basic concepts of Gender (Male and Female) • Overview of Historical Movements and Feminism Movements about Gender • A student must be able to understand and analyze the changing roles of women due to Globalization • Understanding of Women emerging and changing roles in cultural context of Pakistan.

Changing Role of Women

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Gender roles and opportunities for women in urban environments

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Role of Rural Women

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Book Title : Gender Inequalities in the 21st Century New Barriers and Continuing Constraints
Author : Jacqueline Scott, Rosemary Crompton, UK Clare Lyonette
Edition : 2010
Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing Limited
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Title : Social and Cultural Expectations and Changing Role of Women
Type : Reference Book

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