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Course Contents

I. Introduction to Digital Image Processing i. Digital Image Processing Systems ii. Digital vs. analog images iii. Image representation iv. Goals of image processing II. Digital Image Fundamentals i. Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum ii. Spectral properties of various objects (against EMR) iii. Spectral reflectance curves (spectral signatures) iv. Image Sensing and Acquisition v. Sampling and Quantization III. Image Processing i. Cosmetic Corrections ii. Atmospheric Correction iii. Geometric Correction IV. Data Preparation and Image Enhancement i. Radiometric Enhancement a. Contrast Stretching ii. Spatial Enhancement a. Filters, filter operations(smoothing and sharpening), Gaussian and Laplacian Filter , Edge detection filter iii. Spectral Enhancement V. Color Image Processing i. Color Fundamentals ii. Color Models iii. Color Transformations iv. Noise in Color Images VI. Lab outline: Introduction to Image analysis softwares (ArcGIS/ENVI)

Course Synopsis

Aims to guide students through a series of topics and learning activities, which facilitate the development of the digital skills necessary for professional deliverables at this stage. Enables students to become competent and autonomous learners in the digital age. Aims to equip participants with current applications in the field of digital image processing.

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, the student will: • Describe different modalities and current techniques in image acquisition • Able to understand Image transformation used in digital image processing • Understand the skill of band combination of satellite images • Describe how digital images are represented and stored efficiently depending on the desired quality, color depth, dynamics • Clarity of images • Use the mathematical principles of digital image enhancement • Analyze the constraints in image processing when dealing with larger data sets which will improve their Interpretation skills

Spectral Band Combinations

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Laplacian Filter

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Types of Noises

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Working Mechanism of Digital cameras

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Earth Explorer image downloading

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Book Title : Digital Image Processing
Author : R.C.Gonzalez, P.Wintz
Edition : 4th
Publisher : Addison Wesley
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Book Title : Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation
Author : Thomas M. Lillesand, Ralph W. Kiefer
Edition : 7th
Publisher : Wiley
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Book Title : Introductory Digital Image Processing
Author : John R. Jensen
Edition : 4th
Publisher : Pearson Education
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Title : Spatial Image Enhancement-Lab 4 (tutorial)
Type : Other

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Title : Spatial Enhancement Filters
Type : Presentation

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Title : Introduction of DIP
Type : Presentation

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Title : Fundamental Steps in DIP
Type : Presentation

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Title : Components of imaging System
Type : Presentation

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Title : imaging In human Eye
Type : Presentation

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Title : image sesing and Acquisition
Type : Presentation

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Title : sampling and quantization
Type : Presentation

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Title : image pre processing
Type : Presentation

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Title : Color model
Type : Presentation

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Title : Filtering Techniques
Type : Presentation

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