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Mid Term: Realism Naturalism Surrealism New Criticism Russian Formalism Existentialism Absurdism Final term: Structuralism Post structuralism/Deconstruction Psychoanalysis Marxism Feminism Post-colonialism Post-modernism

Course Synopsis

This course covers all major literary movements and theories introduced and developed in the twentieth century in western centric literary tradition.

Course Learning Outcomes

To aquaint students with modern and contemporary literary theory which they can then use as a tool to process literary texts.


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Title : Introduction to Literary Movements
Type : Other

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Title : Brief Overview of Mid Term Syllabus
Type : Other

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Title : Movement 1- Realism
Type : Other

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Title : Movement 2- Naturalism
Type : Other

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Title : Movement 3- Surrealism
Type : Other

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Title : Movement 4- New Criticism
Type : Other

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Title : Movement 5- Russian Formalism
Type : Other

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Title : Movement 6- Existentialism
Type : Other

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Title : Absurdism-Theatre of the Absurd
Type : Other

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Title : Realism
Type : Presentation

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Title : Realism II
Type : Presentation

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Title : Naturalism
Type : Presentation

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Title : Surrealism
Type : Presentation

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