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Conventional medical biotechnology; contemporary issues in medical biotechnology; introduction to principles of gene therapy and gene delivery system; human genome, detection of gene mutations; tissue engineering and transplantation; drug delivery; biodegradable polymers; practical and theoretical problems of modern methods of disease therapy; production of therapeutical monoclonal antibodies and their uses; role of organ transplantation in curing and new organ production; use of transgenic animals in therapy; the principles and practices of transfusion techniques; preparation of blood components and their use; essentials of osteopathic principles; human and veterinary osteopathy and bone grafting; ethical issues in gene therapy and tissue engineering.

Course Synopsis

To acquaint students with biotechnology in healthcare including diagnostic tools, immunization and therapeutics

transfusion techniques

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principles of osteopathy

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blood componenst

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monoclonal antibodies

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Book Title : medical biotechnology
Author : Judit Pongracz Mary Keen
Edition : Ist edition
Publisher : Churchill Livingston
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Title : therapeutic monoclonal antibodies 1
Type : Presentation

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Title : preparation of blood components
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Title : basic principle of osteopathy
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Title : Drug delivery system
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