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Course Contents

An Overview of MATLAB, Numeric, Cell, and Arrays, Functions and Files, Programming with MATLAB, Advanced Plotting, Linear Algebraic Equations

Course Synopsis

MATLAB interactive sessions, Menus and toolbar, computing with MATLAB, Array and matrix operation, polynomials, their related problems, Files, functions and data structure, using files, controlling input and output, user define functions, cell arrays, structure arrays, their related problems, programming with MATLAB, relational opertators, logical operators and functions, conditional statements, loops, the switch structure, practice of related problems, plotting and model building, xy plotting functions, subplot and overlay plots, special plot types, the plot editor, practice of related problems, Linear Algebra, elementary solution methods, Matrix method for linear equations, cramer's method, practice with their related problems

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students should be able to: Perform computations on scalar and vector quantities in Physics using MATLAB. Write MATLAB programs that require logical decision-making statements to solve the numerical. Write MATLAB programs that perform required repetition with the help of loops. Create MATLAB functions that takes the input data and perform required tasks to give outputs. Create plots using MATLAB commands. Solve the simultaneous equations using Matrices

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Plotting in MATLAB

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Linear Algebraic Eqs. Using MATLAB

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Author : William J. Palm III
Publisher : McGraw-Hill
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Title : Plotting in MATLAB
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Title : Linear Algebraic Eq.
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