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Introduction: Process of classification, functional characters, conservative characters, Good and Bad characters, Evolutionary characters. Structural information; Reproductive and vegetative characters, Morphological and anatomical characters, Mature and developmental characters.Taxonomic information from breeding system; Ideal species, hybridizing species, the extent hybridization, the recognition of hybrids, isolating mechanisPh, consequences of hybridization, stabilization of hybrids. Chromosomal information; Chromosome number, structure and behavior. Chemical information; information from DNA markers, Protein markers. Practicals: 1. Concept of Molecular markers for taxonomy 2. Basic theme, protocol and taxonomic application of RAPD 3. Basic theme, protocol and taxonomic application of RAFLP 4. Basic theme, protocol and taxonomic application of AFLP 5. Basic theme, protocol and taxonomic application of SSR 6. DNA barcoding 7. Data collection from karyological material

Course Synopsis

The course is intended to introduce students to the broad area of systematic biology by providing instruction in the history of systematic thought as well as modern methodology (phenetics and cladistics). In addition students will be instructed on how to identify flowering plants and the evolutionary relationships among the flowering plants by the utilizing of molecular characters.

chromosomal information

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DNA markers

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protein markers

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Book Title : Phylogenetics of seed plants. An analysis of nucleotide sequences from the plastid gene rbcL
Author : Chase, M.W. et al.
Edition : 1993
Publisher : Annals of Missouri Bot. Garden

Book Title : Molecular systematics
Author : David, M. H., Craiq, M. and Barbara, K.,
Edition : 2006
Publisher : CRC Press London.

Title : Phytosystematics Intro
Type : Presentation

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Title : Taxonomic Information from Breeding system
Type : Presentation

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Title : structural Information
Type : Presentation

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Title : Chromosomal information
Type : Presentation

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Title : DNA and protein markers
Type : Presentation

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