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Course Contents

1-Inorganic polymers 2-Periodic Properties 3-Organic Reagents

Course Synopsis

The course is designed for advanced level inorganic chemistry students. This course will enable them to have insight into advanced inorganic chemistry topics/fields.

Course Learning Outcomes

The students will be able to learn the synthesis, properties and applications of inorganic polymers. The will able learn the application of organic reagents in the field of Inorganic chemistry.

Organic Reagents in Inorganic Chemistry

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Book Title : Inorganic Chemistry
Author : Atkins, Overton, Rourke, Weller, Armstrong, Hagerman
Edition : 5
Publisher : W.H. Freeman and Company

Title : Decaboranes
Type : Presentation

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Title : Silicones
Type : Presentation

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Title : S-N RIngs
Type : Presentation

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Title : Uses of Diboranes
Type : Presentation

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Title : Applications of Posphazanes
Type : Presentation

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Title : Inorganic Polymers of S-N
Type : Presentation

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