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Virus: Comparative study of life forms, Structure of virus, Life cycle of virus i.e., lytic & lysogenic cycle, Viruses (RNA & DNA types) with special reference to TMV. Bacteria: General Characteristics of Bacteria, Cell structure of bacteria, Reproduction of bacteria, Genetic recombination in bacteria i.e., Conjugation, Transduction & Transformation. Algae: General Characteristic of Algae and Study of Various Groups with reference to the following Genera: • Cyanophyta • Chlorophyta • Charophyta • Phaeophyta • Rhodophyta Nostoc Volvox Chara Ecto carpus Batrachospermum Fungi: General Features of Fungi with Reference to the following genera: • Oomycetes • Ascomycetes • Basidio mycetes Albugo Penicillium Agaricus Bryophytes: General Characteristics of Bryophytes with special reference to • Riccia • Anthoceros Pteridophytes: General Features of Pteridophytes • Psilotum • Adiantum Gymnosperms: General features of Gymnosperms • Pinus • Cycas Practicals • Study of Bacteria by Gram Staining • Micro/Macroscopic studies of all genera mentioned in the syllabus

Course Synopsis

All modern terrestrial plants are the descendants of algae that adapted to a terrestrial habitat roughly 500 million years ago. Compared to water, land is an erratic habitat where temperature and moisture availability may change abruptly and dramatically. Plants are multi-cellular and mostly photosynthetic organisms which found essentially everywhere, both in water and on land. The aquatic plants include red, brown and green algae and the land plants include mosses, ferns, gymnosperms and angiosperms.

Course Learning Outcomes

• Gain adequate knowledge on comparative account of viruses and bacteria. • Study and impart knowledge about the occurrence, distribution, structure and life history of lower plants such as algae, fungi, bryophytes, pteridophytes, gymnosperms. • Know about the structure, life history and Economic importance of Gymnosperms.


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Gymnosperms 2

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Pteridophytes General Characteristics

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Viruses 1

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Plants diversity and evolution book

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Diversity of plants book

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Book Title : Plants: Evolution and diversity
Author : Martin Ingrouille, Bill Eddie
Edition : 2006
Publisher : Cambridge university press
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Book Title : Plants and Society
Author : Levetin−McMahon
Edition : 5th edition
Publisher : The McGraw−Hill
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Title : Fungi 1
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Title : Algae 1
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Title : Cell structure of bacteria 1
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Title : DNA and RNA viruses 1
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Title : General characteristics of bacteria
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Title : Life cycle of viruses 1
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Title : Reproduction in bacteria
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