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COURSE CONTENTS Overview of resting membrane, action potential and synaptic transmission; structure and mechanisms in ion channels; Biosynthesis of neurotransmitters; Neurotransmitters action at synaptic receptors. Neurosecretions and neurotransmitters in higher nervous system actively. Molecular mechanisms in transduction of sensory stimuli into impulse; photochemistry and transduction of photoreceptor; Colour vision. Molecular basis of muscular contraction; Molecular interaction at neuromuscular level; Molecular structure of cilia and flagella and mechanisms in movements. Automicity and rythmicity of myogenic heart; Regulation of cardiac activity; humeral regulation of circulation: Vasoconstriction and vasodilatation. Exchange of respiratory gases; Chemical regulation of respiration. Nature formation of various nitrogenous waste products; Glomerular filtration, reabsorption, and secretion mechanisms in formation of urine. Regulation of digestive secretions; Digestion and absorption of nutrients, Molecular mechanisms in adaptation to temperature extremes. BOOKS RECOMMENDED 1. Randall, D. , Burggren, W. , French, K. and Fernald, R. , 2002. Eckert Animal physiology; Mechanisms and Adaptations, 5th ed. W. H. Freeman and Company, 2. Bullock, J. , Boole, J. and Wang, M.B. , 2001. Physiology, 4th edition. Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins, Philadelphia. 3. Berne, R.M. and Levy, M.N. , 2000. Principles of Physiology, 3rd edition. St. , Lious, Mosby. 4. Guyton, A.C. and Hall, J.E. , 2000. Textbook of Medical Physiology, 10th Edition. W.B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia. 5. Withers, P.C. , 1992. Comparative Animal Physiology. Saunders College Publishing, Philadelphia. 6. Schmidt-Nelsen, K. , 1997. Animal Physiology, Adaptation and Environment, 5th edition. Cambridge University Pres, Cambridge. 7. Tharp, G. and Woodman, D. , 2002 Experiments in Physiology, 8th Edition, Prentice Hall, London.

Digestion and absorption of food

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rhythmical excitation of heart

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tubular reabsorption

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digestive secretions

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Book Title : Textbook of Medical Physiology
Author : Guyton, A.C. and Hall, J.E.
Edition : 13th
Publisher : McGraw Hill, London.

Title : glomerular filteration
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Title : Structure and mechanism of muscle contraction
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Title : mechanism of respiration
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Title : Temperature regulation
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