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An outline of DNA cloning experiment, cloning vectors including plasmids,bacteriophages, cosmids, YAC vectors, shuttle and expression vectors;tumor inducing (Ti) plasmids; restriction enzymes; genomicand cDNA libraries, screening methods for gene libraries; Southern and Northern blotting; chromosome walking; site specific mutagenesis; potentials of recombinant DNA technology; PCR; production of proteins; tissue culture techniques; transgenic organisms and gene therapies; restriction fragment length polymorphisms and disease detection (e.g. cystic fibrosis); human genome project; stem cells and therapeutic cloning; social considerations. Books Recommended 1. Basic Biotechnology. C. R. Attedge, and B. Kristiansen, 2001. Cambridge University Press, U.K. 2. A Manual of Basic Technique. Freshney, R. Ian. 2000. Alan R. Liss, Inc., New York. 3. Application of Microbes in Biotechnology. Lee, Y.K. & C.L. Poh and H. M. Tan.1999. Springer-verlag.


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Book Title : Basic Biotechnology
Author : C. R. Attedge, and B. Kristiansen,
Edition : 2001
Publisher : Cambridge University Press, U.K.

Title : rDNA technology
Type : Presentation

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