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Chapter 1: Understanding human disease Chapter 2 The genetic system Chapter 3 The genetic system: Mendels laws of inheritance and genetic linkage Chapter-6 Human genome Human genome map Impact of human genes on health Genetic and physical mapping of the human genome RFLP STRP Mapping of genetic disease Human genome project and genomics Chapter 9 Human population genetics Alleles, genotypes, and hardy-weinberg equilibrium Processes Population size Chapter 11 Genomic Imprinting : An epigenetic modification Parent of origin effect Gene silencing Chapter-16 Molecular Genetics of Cancer syndromes Cell proliferation and cancer Signal transduction pathway Apoptosis Oncogenes Alteration of oncogenes in cancer cells Breast cancer Chapter-17 Counseling ,Diagnostic testing and managemant of genetic disorders Direct mutation detection methods Clinical applications of genetic tests

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Book Title : Human Molecular Genetics
Author : Jack J.Pasternak
Edition : 2nd
Publisher : John Wiley and sons

Book Title : Human genetics concepts and applications
Author : Lewis
Edition : 10th
Publisher : Mc Graw Hill

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