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1. Art practice. The art practice could be an exhibition and /or curatorial role at an Arts Center which has a particular interest in audience response, or possibly at an applied art center. The outcome of this project could be a series of art works, accompanied by written material of analysis which included the number of investigation and conclusion drawn regarding the relationship between the works and the audience response and offering assessment on how it is possible to transform spectatorship into meaningful participation in the arts. 2. Advance drawing: The purpose of this course is to look at the process of drawing from a fresh angle; to utilize skill of drawing from imagination and to achieve a personal method of stylization and new approach. 3. Work in progress documentation. All of the project work requires to be documented: both visually and in written form and all results require to be communicable and assessable. Professional practice assessment/thesis project. It will take account of the ability to: 1- Undertake and contextualizing professional practice 2- Research and critically analyze such practice 3- Extrapolate from particular research experiences towards an adumbration of general principles in practice.

Course Synopsis

This is a compulsory course for specialization with Studio Practice.

Course Learning Outcomes

Objectives/outcomes The entire course is studio and work-shop-based. We expect all our students to be practicing artists and therefore to possess appropriate expertise. We nevertheless do expect some demand on our workshops and on our skilled academic and technical staff. Specialists’ workshops of ceramics, screen printing, sculpture, print making, photography and multimedia arts to be organized for doctoral students to explore these techniques/mediums and refine their practice up to a highest professional level. Such needs may be met by arrangement through the course tutor.

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