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Course Contents

1. Creative Practice: Seminar (i) Developing the concept in art practice. (ii) Analysis of creative practice in relation to personal experiences and stimulus (iii) Visual surveys (iv) Literature surveys All of the project work requires to be documented; both visually and in written form and all results require to be communicable and assessable. In this course the students will study the contemporary art in the world with special focus on South Asia in relation to the painting sculpture, graphic Arts and other visual art forms, like video, installation, digital art etc. 2. Art Theory/ Material and Process (i) Reinterpretation of Tradition (ii) Installation/videos/Photoshop and other practices Presentation and display of Painting/ work in Progress (at the end of every term)

Course Synopsis

This is compulsory course for specialization with studio practice.

Course Learning Outcomes

The entire course is studio and work-shop-based. We expect all our students to be practicing artists and therefore to possess appropriate expertise. We nevertheless do expect some demand on our workshops and on our skilled academic and technical staff. Specialists’ workshops of ceramics, screen printing, sculpture, print making, photography and multimedia arts to be organized for doctoral students to explore these techniques/mediums and refine their practice up to a highest professional level. Such needs may be met by arrangement through the course tutor.

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