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Course Contents

i. Art of the Indian Sub-Continent ii. Sultanate Period iii. Provincial Islamic Art iv. Mughal Art v. Contemporary Islamic Art

Course Synopsis

Islamic art is not art of a specific religion, time, place, or of a single medium. Instead it spans some 1400 years, covers many lands and populations, and includes a range of artistic fields including calligraphy, painting, glass, ceramics, and textiles, among others. This course is an exclusive study of all above mentioned categories to identify the influences and the specific attributes of Islamic art.

Course Learning Outcomes

This course aims to identify and develop individual strength in paintings produced in different time periods of Muslim era. Major areas and the sources of Muslim Paintings with different kind of techniques and styles will be covered. special emphasis will be given to materials styles techniques with the help of elements of arts, sensation conceptual representation, symbolism and various historical and contemporary influences will be covered. This study will be helpful to the researchers to do research on calligraphic manuscripts, different kind of ceramic pots and designs, carpets/rugs and such kind of all related material belongs to Islamic world.

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