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Course Contents

• Aesthetic values during the Renaissance Period • Analysis of aesthetic theories during the Age of reason and Age of Enlightenment • Understanding Oriental and Occidental artistic approach • Aesthetic concepts of the 19th and 20th century with an emphasis on South Asia • Philosophical analysis of Modern Art

Course Synopsis

Aesthetics and Philosophy is recommended for PhD students because it enhances their intellectual thinking. Philosophical perceptive are vital sources to study the nature of art. The aim of this subject is to teach students of art history how to nurture their critical thinking with philosophical and aesthetic concepts. The objective of the course is to make students learn the analogy of a concept in similar situations. The aim is to provide different perspectives to study art and culture with a deeper understanding.

Course Learning Outcomes

After an in-depth analysis of various art theories, the student will be able to develop a critical eye towards understanding art. The analogous discourses, presentations and written assignments will enable a student to experience art criticism as a profession as well as utilize it as a tool in scholarly writings. The course will aid the students in crafting their research projects with a more intellectual content.

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