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1. GENERAL INTRODUCTION: Forensic Pharmacy & Forensic Pharmacist, History of Drug Legislation and Pharmacy Profession in Pakistan, National Health Policy, National Drug Policy, Essential Drugs, Prescription handling at Retail level and Record keeping, Drug Control Administration at Federal and Provincial level. 2. ROLE OF FORENSIC PHARMACIST: Forensic drug Measurement, Post-mortem redistribution (PMR), Medication errors, prescription forgery, product tampering, Insurance fraud, Use of drugs or alcohol in car accidents or violent actions, Legal and illegal pharmaceutical evidence in criminal investigations, use of abused drugs in the workplace, professional malpractice, quackery and health care fraud. 3. PHARMACEUTICAL ETHICS: Patents and Generics, Ethics in Sale, Ethics in Industry, Ethics in Research. 4. STUDY OF DRUG LAWS: a. The Drugs Act 1976 and rules framed there under. b. Provincial Drug Rules (Respective Drug Rules will be taught in the relevant province). c. Advertisement rules. d. Other Related rules and Legal aspects. 5. THE PHARMACY ACT 1967: 6. CONTROL OF NARCOTICS SUBSTANCES ACT 1997: Laws relating to Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. 7. THE POISONS ACT 1919: 8. THE FACTORIES ACT 934: 9. SHOPS AND ESTABLISHMENTS ORDINANCE 1969 WITH RULES

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Title : Role of Forensic Pharmacist
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Title : Pharmaceutical Ethics
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