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1. RATIONAL USE OF DRUGS: Rational Prescribing, Rational Dispensing, Problems of Irrational Drug Use, Learning about drug use problem, Sampling to study drug use, Indicators of drug use. 2. INTRODUCTION TO ESSENTIAL DRUGS: Criteria for selection, Usage and Advantages. Development of EDL. 3. DRUG UTILZATION EVALUATION & DRUG UTILIZATIONREVIEW (DUE/DUR): Development of protocol of use of few very low therapeutic index drug groups like Steroids, Vancomycin and Cimetidine. 4. CLINICAL PHARMACOKINETICS: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Digoxin, Theophyline, Gentamycin, Lithium, Phenytoin, Cabamazepine, Phenobarbitone, Valproic Acid, Cyclosporins and Vancomycin. 5. PHARMACEUTICAL CARE, ITS SCOPE, MANAGEMENT AND APPLICATION OF CARE PLAN: 6. CLINICAL THERAPEUTICS: General Strategy: Terminology of Disease. Management and Treatment. Drug Selection. 7. CLINICAL TOXICOLOGY: (a) General information. Role of pharmacist in treatment of poisoning and general management of poisoning & over dosage. Role and Status of Poison Control Centre. (b) Antidotes and their mechanism of action. 8. SAFE INTRAVENOUS THERAPY & HAZARDS OF IV THERAPY 9. NON-COMPLIANCE: Definition, introduction and importance, Extent of non-compliance, Methods of assessment, Reasons for non-compliance, Strategies for improving compliance. 100 10. DISEASE MANAGEMENT:  Unit V: Central nervous system unit (Stroke, Epilepsy, Psychosis)  Unit VI: Infectious diseases (Meningitis, tuberculosis, dermatological infections, Rabies, Urinary track infection, Malaria fever, Typhoid fever, Fungal infections of skin, AIDS, Dengue fever, Common Cold, Pharyngitis & Tonsillitis, Conjunctivitis)  Unit VII: Endocrinology Unit (Diabetes Mellitus, Hyper/Hypo-thyroidism, pituitary gland non-malignant disorders)  Unit VIII: Oncology Unit (Types of tumors, Brief introduction to oncological diseases e.g. prostate cancer, breast cancer, lungs cancer )  Unit IX: Nephrology Unit (Renal failure, nephrotic syndrom)  Unit X: Hematology Unit (Bleeding disorders/coagulopathies/clotting disorders e.g. thrombocytopenia, hemophilia, Vit. K deficiency, Anemia).

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