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PART A: (DISPENSING): (40 MARKS) 1. BASIC PRINCIPLES OF COMPOUNDING AND DISPENSING INCLUDING: Fundamental operations in Compounding, Containers and closures for Dispensed Products, 86 Prescription-Handling (Parts of Prescription, Filling, Interpretation, Pricing) and Labelling of Dispensed Medication. 2. EXTEMPORANEOUS DISPENSING: Solutions, Suspensions, Emulsions, Creams, Ointments, Pastes and gels, Suppositories and pessaries, Powders and granules and Oral unit dosage form. 3. PHARMACEUTICAL INCOMPATIBILITIES: Types of Incompatibilities, manifestations, Correction and Prevention with reference to typical examples. PART B: (COMMUNITY, SOCIAL & ADMINISTRATIVE PHARMACY): (60 MARKS) 1. DEFINITIONS AND BACKGROUND: 2. PUBLIC HEALTH AND COMMUNITY PHARMACY: Epidemiology & its Control, Epidemiological methodology with a focus on specific disease states, Pharmacoepidemiology (including Drug Utilization Review). Preventive Health (EPI & CDC), Family Planning and Health Policy. 3. MEDICAL COMPLICATION OF DRUG TAKING: General and Socio-economic Aspects. 4. PATIENT EDUCATION AND COUNSELLING: 5. CONTROL OF DRUG ABUSE AND MISUSE: 6. ROLE OF PHARMACIST: As Public Health Educator in the Community for Drug Monitoring and Drug Information. 7. HEALTH SYSTEM RESEARCH: Knowledge skills of research methods, epidemiologic study design, experimental study design, Pre- and post-marketing surveys, Application of various statistical procedures in Pharmacy and Medical Research, causality assessment as well as the sensitivity and specificity tests in pharmacy practice. 8. PHARMACOECONOMICS: Pharmacoeconomic modelling and interpretation. 9. ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES: Background, philosophy and use of complementary and alternative therapies including herbal medicines, homoeopathy, acupuncture, acupressure, Bach Flower remedies, aromatherapy and reflexology. 10. PHARMACY LAYOUT DESIGN: Objectives of Layout Design, Types of Community Pharmacies (Pharmaceutical Centre, Prescription-oriented Pharmacies, Traditional Pharmacies and The Super Drug Store), Consumer goods and purchases, Classes of Layout designs, Principles and characteristics of Layout Design and Traffic Flow analysis.

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Book Title : Comprehensive Pharmacy Review
Author : Alan H. Mutnick, Paul F. Souney, Leon Shargel, Larry N. Swanson
Edition : 7th
Publisher : Lippincott Williams and Wilkins ...

Book Title : Cooper and Gunn's Tutorial Pharmacy
Author : john William Cooper
Edition : 6th
Publisher : London : Pitman Medical, 1972.

Title : Health System Research
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Title : Prescription Handling
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Title : Fundamental operations in compounding
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