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Module contents Introduction to the course Meaning and Definition of Microteaching Characteristics of Microteaching Phases of Microteaching Elements of Microteaching Stages of a lesson, lesson planning, writing objectives Questioning techniques Evaluation Performa for Microteaching Skills which can be mastered Micro Teaching I/Structure Microteaching II / Teaching Dialogues/Functions Microteaching III/Teaching Speaking and Pronunciation Microteaching IV/Teaching Listening Microteaching V/ Teaching Reading

Course Synopsis

This module aims at a smooth shift from the theoretical aspects of language teaching to the more practical aspects of it. Active student participation is essential in every phase of this course. The lesson plans are required to be based on functions, skills and structure.

Course Learning Outcomes

Module Learning Outcomes The students are required to demonstrate as if in a real classroom situation, the skills acquired through a lesson for each task. Each student will be assigned a 15-20 minute micro teaching task in the areas and skills covered in the course to practice the techniques introduced and get used to classroom teaching procedures. Each presenter is expected to submit their lesson plan of a 45 minutes lesson on the skills covered in the course.

Microteach Lesson Plan

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What is MICROTEACHING? What does MICROTEACHING mean? MICROTEACHING meaning & explanation

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PPP Lesson Plan Format

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0:00 / 3:23 3P Method of Teaching English

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5 Direct Method Techniques That Let Students Learn Like Natives

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1:06 / 6:56 Elements of a Good Lesson Plan

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8 Essential Components of an Effective Lesson Plan

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Title : Micro teaching Instructions
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