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Course Contents

• To consider the relationship between grammar awareness and successful language acquisition. • To explore techniques for presenting and exploring grammar within meaningful contexts. • To observe the techniques used by trainers during the input sessions in relation to the analysis of language • To study key features of English grammar as part of scheduled input sessions • To study additional aspects of English grammar as part of the teaching-practice program • To identify relevant activities and materials which could be used with students in order to promote language awareness • To develop an understanding of why students make errors and mistakes in relation to grammar • To explore strategies for responding to student errors and mistakes

Course Synopsis

The aim of this module is to explore the significance of grammar awareness in a language-teaching program. It aims to raise the awareness of trainees in relation to the nature and key features of English grammar and offers strategies for the development of language awareness with students of English as a foreign language.

Course Learning Outcomes

Week 1 • What is Grammar (Penny Ur) • Place of grammar in language teaching (Penny Ur) • The role of grammar in language teaching (Penny Ur) Week 2 • Classroom Techniques for Teaching Grammar (Betty Schrampfer) Week 3 • Intensive grammar review • Teaching with authentic material and context • Functional grammar in the ESL Classroom Week 4 • Parts of speech • Verb tenses (With language functions) Week 5 • SVO+. VSO • Comparatives superlatives Week 6 • Prepositions (Giving Directions) • Modal /Auxiliary Verbs, (Permissions, requests) Week 7 • Reported Speech WEEK 8 MID TERM Week 9 • Gerunds and Infinitives Week 10 • Conditional Sentences • The Passive Voice Week 11 • Relative Clauses • Phrasal Verbs • Phrase and Clause Week 12 • Kinds of sentences, indicative, imperative and interrogative sentences • Simple and Complex sentences Week 13 • Constituent morphemes • Distinguish between inflectional and derivational morphemes Week 14 • Analyze case and agreement systems Week 15 • Presentation of student work on designing grammar exercises in context WEEK 16 FINAL EXAM

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