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THEORY 1. Respiratory System: Overview of respiratory system; Pulmonary and bronchial circulations; Mechanical aspects of breathing; Transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide; Regulation of ventilation; Respiratory responses in extreme conditions. 2. Renal System: Elements of renal function; Tubular function in nephron; Control of body fluid volume and osmolality; Potassium, Calcium and Phosphate homeostasis; Role of kidney in acid-base balance. 3. Gastrointestinal System: Gastrointestinal secretions and their control: Salivary, gastric, pancreatic and liver; Digestion and Absorption of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins, ions and water; Motility of gastrointestinal tract: Functional anatomy, regulation and motility in various segments. 4. Osmoregulation: Problems of osmoregulation; Obligatory exchange of ions and water; Osmoregulators and osmoconformers; Osmoregulation in aqueous and terrestrial environments. 5. Environmental Challenges: Temperature and animal energetics; Temperature relation of Ectotherms, Heterotherms and Endotherms; Dormancy: Special metabolic state; Body rhythms and energetic; Energy, environment and evolution. PRACTICALS 1. Blood coagulation study. 2. Determination of oxygen consumption in fish and mouse & effects of factors. 3. Demonstration of respiratory volume and pulmonary function tests. 4. Experiments on digestion on nutrients by enzymes and effects of factors. 5. Study of exocrine secretion in stomach or pancreas and effects of factors. 6. Experiments on kidney regulation of osmolality;Urine analysis. 7. Study of osmoregulatory adaptations in animals inhabiting various environments; 8. Demonstration of effect of temperature on several physiological responses; Study of animals in various types of dormancy.

Course Synopsis

a. To study the details of physiological systems maintaining the homeostasis of animals. b. Interrelations of the systems c. Regulatory features of the each system’s function

thermoregulations in vertebrates

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Book Title : Eckert Animal Physiology: Mechanisms and Adaptations
Author : Randall, D., Burggren, W., French, K. and Fernald, R.,
Edition : 5th
Publisher : W.H. Freeman and Company, New York.USA.

Book Title : Textbook of Medical Physiology.Guyton,
Author : Guyton, A.C. and Hall, J.E.
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Title : thermoregulation
Type : Presentation

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